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Self Assessment

This self assessment will help you find where you can make your best contribution to the Innovation process. Knowing your best role will enable you to make your most valuable contribution. You will find out whether you are a Creator, a Connector, a Developer or a Doer. Understanding your role and those of other people you work with will enable you to work more effectively with your colleagues. (Tell your friends about this self assessment) There are twelve questions with four choice answers to each and they will probably take you about ten minutes to answer. Have fun!

1. Go to the first line and decide which phrase most describes you – score 4 pts.
2. Then decide which phrase is least like you and score 1 pt.
3. There are two phrases remaining score 3 pts for the phrase more like you and 2 pts for the phrase less like you
4. Continue down each line until you have completed all ten lines
5. You must have a ‘4’ a ‘3’ a ‘2’ and a ‘1’ on each line
6. When you have finished you will be told which is you best role in the Innovation process and also the primary task for that role.



1.I must understand an issueI make things workI see both sides of an issueThere is a right answer

2.Don’t tell me what to doGive me facts not theoryI create choicesI like to analyze data

3.I am open mindedI convince peopleI have lots of ideasI find a weakness

4.I ‘Connect the Dots’I get things doneI like PossibilitiesI bring things ‘down to earth’

5.A Concept must be soundI like ‘energy’I Don’t fuss with detailsI like precision

6.I do not like confusionI avoid theoryI avoid decisionsI do not like failure

7.I think things throughI take risksI like to hear about problemsI focus

8.I want to own the problemI find a way that worksI like the big pictureI am thorough

9.I like to define the problemI want agreementI find out the factsI Plan

10.I want ideasI want to try new thingsI want SpaceI want structure



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