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Basic Information

Innovation is the hottest topic in today’s executive suite and with good reason. Research has shown that the most profitable companies are the most innovative.

Innovation matters because our world is changing at a pace we have never seen before. We have seen these times in past history such as in the renaissance of the Middle Ages and with the ‘inventors’ of a century ago. We are at such a time now whether it is through globalization or digitization we are in the ‘perfect storm’ of change.

Innovation is how we deal with that change and the innovation group sees innovation as a natural development from quality management. Quality management is focused on the requirements of today’s customer but there are often unmet needs. The Innovator focuses on those unmet needs and we say ‘Innovation is quality for tomorrow’.

Innovation is exciting and gives us all the opportunity to participate in the creation of something new. We all have a role in the Innovation process, whether it is seeing opportunities, finding solutions, making solutions work or delivering solutions.

The Innovation Group will give you the opportunity to network with like minded people and develop your understanding of Innovation. The group has regular events to enable this, whether at our conference booth or in conferencing itself. This website will provide you with articles, tools and techniques to enhance your knowledge.

With this new knowledge you will be able to participate more actively and more effectively in your own innovation process. The innovation process operates through the use of new knowledge to create new products and services to enable new ways of doing things.

You are connecting with a group of people who, probably like yourself, have a deep fascination with innovation. We encourage you to join the group and take advantage of the networking, activities and knowledge sharing which the group provides.

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