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Charting A Strategy For Quality–And Beyond

Before joining ASQ, I spent my entire career in the U.S. Army. As you may guess, strategy was an essential part of my education.  I was fortunate to attend the British Army Staff College and the Naval War College, the … Continue reading →

August Roundup: What’s The Future of Quality?

Last month, ASQ’s Influential Voices bloggers wrestled with a big question: What road will quality take in the future? In his August blog post, ASQ CEO, Bill Troy laid out two scenarios—one evolutionary and one revolutionary.  Some bloggers took one...

Resources to Help You Prepare for ISO 9001:2015

Stay informed on the next revision of ISO 9001, expected to publish in the fall of 2015. Standards Central offers a collection of videos, articles, webcasts and presentations to help you know what to expect of the revision and communicate it to the...