Lean Six Sigma in Healthcare

Lean Six Sigma in Healthcare

Lean Six Sigma in Healthcare

Lean Six Sigma focuses on eliminating defects. In healthcare, a defect can be the difference between life and death. Use Lean Six Sigma to improve patient safety by eliminating life-threatening errors.

Lean Six Sigma uses Define-Measure-Analyze-Improve-Control (DMAIC ) – a five-step approach to process improvement. Focus on improving the patient experience by making sure your processes consistently deliver the desired results.

By implementing Lean Six Sigma, North Mississippi Medical Center reduced the number of prescription instruction errors in discharge documents by 50%.

ASQ has everything you need to begin your Lean Six Sigma implementation today.

"Through lean you can free up the capacity to meet the new demand."
- Kimberlee Haskins, director of organizational development, Mercy Medical Center, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, explaining how lean is about listening to the voice of the customer, not just cutting costs.

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