Lean and Lean Six Sigma in Healthcare

Lean Six Sigma in Healthcare

Lean and Lean Six Sigma in Healthcare

Lean and Lean Six Sigma applications in healthcare require an understanding of how the tools and methodologies translate to the people-intensive processes of patient care. Once applied, the possibilities are endless.

Using Lean Six Sigma, Morton Plant Hospital in Clearwater, FL, improved patient satisfaction over 50%, reduced emergency department length of service by 21%, and recovered over $4 million in cost of quality.

  • Lean
    Eliminate non-value-added activities and waste. Save time and money.
  • Lean Six Sigma
    Increase patient satisfaction and reduce errors by improving your processes.

"That's how an organization becomes successful, by incorporating lean into everyday processes."
- Dr. Mark Pospisil, medical director of Mercy Medical Center emergency department, Cedar Rapids, Iowa

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