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In today’s economic and political climate, government must find ways to trim costs and manage cash-flow while continuing to deliver excellent customer service.

Elected officials are challenging their departments to increase efficiency, prevent errors and provide their constituents with more value for their tax dollars.

ASQ can help government agencies take full advantage of performance-improvement tools to measure, track and improve internal processes and customer satisfaction.

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Discounts for Federal Government Agencies

The General Services Administration (GSA) has renewed ASQ's contract until 2016 - federal government discounts range between 6% and 25% on select instructor-led and Web-based training (PDF, 557 KB) under the GSA Contract.

For more information, contact ASQ Customer Care at 800-248-1946.

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ASQ is now also on the Texas Multiple Award Schedule (TXMAS), with contract number TXMAS-12-874030. Visit for more information.

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ASQ Survey Results: Lean Six Sigma in Government The results are in from the new survey of 2,500 quality improvement experts who are members of ASQ which asked participants to respond to questions about the obstacles and benefits of using Lean to reduce the national debt and improve government efficiency. Liz Keim, past Chair of ASQ and a Lean Six Sigma expert, discusses the results and whether it makes sense to use Lean Six Sigma as a key way to reduce our nation’s debt in this audio interview.

Can Lean Six Sigma Reduce Government Waste? Quality professionals say 'yes,' but outline challenges to implementation.
Industry Week – September 20, 2011

Governing Magazine: How state and local government agencies can use the ISO 9001:2008 standard to improve the quality and efficiency of their Recovery Act reporting.

From the Government Division

The Government Division has recently posted two new webinars. Here’s a sneak peek at an exciting online event where they unlocked the secrets of the Baldrige Total Performance Excellence System and gave participants the vision, skills, and tools to fine-tune their organizational management system.

The Pursuit of Public Sector Performance Excellence

APQC Provides Insight on the Stimulus Plan
Results from an April 2009 APQC survey show how issues related to the state of the economy and the U.S. stimulus plan are affecting government agencies. Read about how the agencies are responding, and access additional resources from APQC.

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Root Cause Analysis: Solve Problems by Eliminating Causes
Root cause analysis works because it eliminates your problem before it can occur. The course includes a step-by-step project that is fun and productive and results in tangible deliverables.

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