ASQ - Government Division

2018 Leadership

2018 Government Division Organization Chart


Mark Abrams

Chair-Elect/Newsletter Editor/E-Comm./WCQI TPC Liaison

Marc Berson
Practical Management Envisioneering (PME)

Immediate Past Chair/Nominations/Buysiness Planning & PAR

John Baranzelli
Office of Rapid Results, State of Illinois


Mary Jo Caldwell
Leading AdvancePHX, Phoenix City Manager's Office

Secretary/Analytics Team Member

Rachel Linares
County Executive Office, County of Ventura

Audit Chair/SR Lead/Standards POC

Christena C. Shepherd
Jacobs/Space Exploration Group, NASA/Marshall Space Flight Center

Membership Chair/CAQS Team Member

David Eisenberg
Alta Vista Solutions

Global Outreach Chair/Awards and Recognition

Brian DeNiese
Service Innovation and Improvement, Region of Peel

Program Chair/Performance Metrics Team Member

Kristi Boyett
City of Tyler

QBoK Chair

Janice Stout
Quality Improvement Unit, Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)

Marketing Chair/WCQI General Coordinator

Bonnie Gaughan-Bailey
Public Health Research, Florida Department of Health

Voice of the Customer (VoC) Chair

Josh Smith
CPS HR Consulting

Chair of Center for Auditable Quality Standards (CAQS)

Rich Mallory
CPS HR Consulting

Performance Metrics Team Leader

Sukumar Rao
The Parnin Group

Analytics & Research Team Leader

Harsh Zadoo
Texas Dept. of Transportation, Strategic Div

Division Website & Social Media Leader

Shruti Patil
City of Tyler

Performance Metrics Team Member

Kevin Kahn
ZOLL Medical

Performance Metrics Team Member

Lisa Young
City of Hamilton, Public Works Department



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