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ASQ’s Global Presence

ASQ in Your Country

ASQ Country Counselor

Country counselors are member leaders in over 50 countries where Members are present. They serve as a point of contact for members in their country. Country Counselors facilitate networking among members and act as a liaison between ASQ and local members. Country Counselors also support the formation of Local Member Communities (LMCs) in your Country.

ASQ World Partners

ASQ partners with 22 non-profit organizations around the world – groups with visions and goals that are in line with those of ASQ. This allows us to support the needs of the global quality community and sustain a worldwide environment for quality.

ASQ Registered Service Providers and Strategic Alliances

Registered Service Providers (RSP) – Organizations delivering, in a specified territory, licensed ASQ training by ASQ-validated instructors under a non-exclusive arrangement.

Qualified Registered Service Providers meet the following criteria:

  1. Be a legal organization with at least two years of quality training experience.
  2. Employ experienced ASQ-certified instructors.
  3. Demonstrate ability to support ASQ mission and training delivery.
  4. Carry adequate general liability insurance.

If you are interested in becoming a Registered Service Provider, please email

Registered Service Providers are not owned or operated by ASQ.  ASQ is not responsible for the day-to-day operations of the Registered Service Provider or its business practices, and will not become involved in the resolution of any disputes, complaints or problems arising from courses.  Please register for courses directly with the Registered Service Provider.

Strategic Alliances – Organizations working with ASQ Global in a cooperative effort to promote ASQ products.

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