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Learn How Managing Quality Has Driven
Success for Global Organizations
The ASQ Global State of Quality  is the only research that creates a baseline of fundamental quality and continuous improvement practices around the world. The findings and analyses provide a guide for businesses to improve organizational performances.

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ASQ Global State of Quality 2 Reports

As organizations evolve, so too do stakeholder and customer expectations. They require responsive service along with high-quality and innovative products. Quality systems and processes can help organizations meet these requirements.The Global State of Quality 2 Research reports will examine the state of quality worldwide, providing relevant and up-to-date information needed to incorporate quality systems into your business strategy.

The Global State of Quality 2 Research: Discoveries 2016

The Global State of Quality 2 Research: Discoveries 2016 examines the state of quality and continuous improvement worldwide, providing organizations with insights into gaps and opportunities. The latest research expands upon the inaugural 2013 research, which provided the first-ever view of quality and continuous improvement on a global scale.

This quantitative and qualitative report offers analysis of nearly 1,700 respondents worldwide, addressing topics critical to enhancing quality and continuous improvement programs, including the influence of the customer, trends in industry standards, training systems, governance structures and more. The report also identifies similarities and differences across nations and regions.

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Spotlight Report: KPIs Key to Successful Supply Chain

Establishing meaningful key performance indicators for supply chain is essential to driving operational excellence. But every company is different and has different values, which mean there is no set of KPIs that will work for all. Instead companies need to tie their measurements to the drivers of their companies.

ASQ and its research partner APQC developed this Spotlight report to highlight some of the KPIs that should be considered when developing metrics for your business. It includes a global view of supply chain and provides direction for organizations that don’t have supply chain measurements in place.

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Spotlight Report: A Trend? A Fad? Or is Big Data the Next Best Thing?

Big Data can have a big impact on quality. Or can it? ASQ and its research partners APQC dives into the topic and interviewed two big names in big data: Elmer Corbin, director and project executive, client success at IBM Watson & Watson Health, and Silvia Veronese, director big data solutions, Hewlett Packard Enterprises Co.

Both Corbin and Veronese answer questions about how their organizations started working with big data, what they use it for now, and where it’s headed in the future. They also provide insight for organizations wanting to start their journey in big data.

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Spotlight Report: Innovation and Quality Go Hand in Hand

Innovation and quality are reliant on each other for success. After all, “innovation is fundamentally the act of doing things better, faster, more efficiently or with greater quality,” according to Scott Alexander, vice president of innovation at ROi — Resource Optimization & Innovation.

ASQ and its research partner APQC interviewed Alexander about innovation and quality, and how organizations can foster a culture of innovation, and succeed. Furthermore, this question-and-answer designed Spotlight Report addresses the role of the customer in innovation, and the positive impact innovation and quality can have on an organization’s bottom line.

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