Quality/Safety by the Colors and Signs

by Milton Kowalewski, KISAQ LLC USA, Lavinda Tyson-Health and Safety/QC, International Paper USA

ASQ Ahemdabad LMC every year organizes Annual Quality Conference in collaboration with Institute of Management, Nirma University. Objective behind this event is to share best practices in the field of Quality Management. This year it is being held on November 28, 2015. ASQ EED member Milton Kowalski will be presenting this paper.

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  • Publish date: 2015-11
  • Keywords:Safety

Commercial Grade Dedication in a classified environment

by Piet van der Heide

38th Energy and Environmental Education and Training Conference, September 25-28, 2011, Las Vegas, NV...

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  • Publish date: 2011-12
  • Keywords:Classified environments

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