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About the Energy and Environment Division
Abhijit Sengupta, 2016 EED Membership Chair (Video)


The Driving Force

The Energy and Environmental Division of ASQ offers a unique vision of melding public concerns for satisfying energy needs and ensuring environmental health and welfare for future generations, as given by:

We strive to be the nation's leading authority and recognized champion on issues related to quality in energy industries and environmental activities.

The People

The membership of the Energy and Environmental Division spans a wide range of energy and environmental involvement—from national and international policy makers and decision makers to quality professionals in these fields as well as regulators and insurers. Each member makes a special contribution to the division through participation in the various important division and committee activities, exploring quality methods and techniques that will yield improved energy resource selection, utilization, and conservation and ensure effective protection of the global environment. As innovations in energy and environmental protection emerge, so do the innovations in quality for energy and environmental issues. This is the result of direct Energy and Environmental Division member involvement.

The Leadership

The Energy and Environmental Division of ASQ leads the way in focusing on the quality aspects of needs in energy and the environment. The division provides a broad-based forum for the exchange of ideas and experiences in quality principles and practices, as well as a clearer understanding of regulations and requirements that support the demand for quality in energy and environmental areas of interest. The spectrum includes varying energy forms, from fossil fuels to advanced energy technology, and diverse environmental issues, including pollution prevention and control, waste minimization, and hazardous waste management.

The Benefits

The Energy and Environmental Division supports its members through a variety of challenging learning opportunities and activities. These include management, administrative, and technical committees whose work addresses energy and environmental issues and the ensuing current and anticipated quality needs and requirements as well as the developing energy and environmental technologies. Additionally, the division offers a number of conferences and workshops covering a broad range of quality and quality-related energy and environmental issues.

The division produces several publications. The conferences, publications, and committees continue to provide an ongoing forum for active participation in formulating and sharing improved quality concepts and applications in energy and environmental programs.

The division participates in the development, application, and continuing review of consensus standards in conjunction with the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), an accredited standards-setting organization with international recognition; the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME); the International Organization for Standardization (ISO); and others in order to promote quality concepts in the areas supported by those organizations.

Main Committees

Administrative Services

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Business Sectors

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Integrated Services

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Research and Development
Waste Minimization and Pollution Prevention

Additional Information

The Energy and Environmental Division of ASQ is prepared to meet the 21st Century Challenge with:

The Mission
The Strategic Plan

The Energy and Environmental Division includes American Society for Quality members who are quality professionals in the fields of energy and environment, including technology and construction, power production, resource extraction and processing, environmental operations, decontamination and decommissioning, waste minimization and pollution prevention, sampling and analysis, and research and development. The products and services developed in this division are targeted at quality, environmental, health, and safety (QEHS) professionals.


To be the leading authority and recognized champion in applying quality principles to energy industries and environmental activities.


To identify, develop, communicate, and promote quality management concepts and quality technologies to facilitate continuous improvement in energy industries and environmental activities.


Membership—To attract, retain, and recognize individuals to promote concepts of quality.

Organizational Strength and Leadership—To identify, develop and support division leadership to promote member involvement, maintain fiscal health, and accomplish the vision/mission of the division.

Products and Services—To provide forums for education and information exchange and develop standards, guidelines and publications for quality professionals and others involved in the application of quality principles.

Advancing Methods and Technologies—To identify, develop and communicate innovative methods and technologies that address emerging issues affecting quality.

  1. Develop EED as a premier provider of services to EED and ASQ members.
  2. Provide opportunities to members to share expertise in applying quality practices to energy and environmental operations.

A worldwide provider of information and learning opportunities related to quality.

  1. Provide webinars.
  2. Develop a new website together with ASQ and promote both the Division and the creation of associated Forums.
  3. Hold an annual conference to present and discuss topical information and provide training opportunities.
  4. Provide information to our member faster and more efficiently.

The recognized leader worldwide in integrating quality systems and associated systems.

  1. Provide integrating methodologies for information quality.
  2. Develop new technical committees to support integration in information quality, energy systems, and optimizing value for environmental management systems.
  3. Continue to lead ASQ in the development of international consensus standards on quality and environmental management.

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