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ASQ Quality Press
has just published J. Emil Morhardt's Clean, Green, and
Read All Over: Ten Rules for Effective Corporate Environmental and
Sustainability Reporting

Author J. Emil Morhardt provides an excellent introduction to environmental and sustainability reporting, helping the reader understand the origins and principles of this approach, including information from United Nations conferences that set this type of reporting in motion. He presents the reasons that environmental and sustainability reporting makes good business sense for companies and provides an overview of the guidelines that are relevant to eco-management, sustainability, environmental communications, and environmental performance metrics.

Clean, Green, and Read All Over includes recommendations for the content of environmental and sustainability reports for both print and Web media. Morhardt gives specific guidance for writing effective reports, including suggestions on a company's profile, vision and commitment statements, stakeholder identification, policies and management systems, environmental impacts and issues, performance indicators, initiatives and mitigation activities, and information on environmental and social costs and investments.

Morhardt also includes information regarding the Pacific Sustainability Index, providing details on how corporations score on the index and how the Index can help corporations improve their metrics, performance indicators, goals, and targets for environmental management and sustainability.

Clean, Green, and Read All Over is available from ASQ Press at

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