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The Energy and Environmental Division operates almost entirely through the efforts of members who volunteer to take on key leadership positions. The division is pleased to announce that four individuals have stepped into important roles for the remainder of the 2001-2003 term of office.

Mr. Saied Gouda of Detroit Edison is taking on the role of Vice-Chair for Administration. The Vice-Chair for Administration organizes the EED booth at the Annual Quality Congress, oversees all division publications, and provides oversight for conferences and membership activities. Saied can be reached at

Thomas Koepp with Bechtel Jacobs in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, has stepped into the position of Vice-Chair for Environmental Management Systems. This position provides direction and support for the division's technical committees that are working on environmental management system issues, such as the ISO Standards Integration Committee, Environmental Remediation and Restoration Committee, Audit and Assessment Committee, Research and Development Committee, and the QEHS Systems Committee. Tom can be reached at

Eric Madsen with Intertek Systems Certification in Canton, Michigan, is taking on the role of Membership Chair for the EED. The Membership Chair updates brochures and information about the division and represents the division at conferences and events. Eric can be reached at

Ben Marguglio with Consolidated Edison of New York will be providing a vital role for the division in the coming year. In addition to serving as Vice-Chair for Business Sectors, Ben has agreed to chair the 2003 Energy and Environmental Conference, which will be held in the early fall next year. Location and program details are now under development.

If you are interested in getting more involved in the Energy and Environmental Division, contact any of these volunteer leaders and talk with them about how you might become engaged in one of the division's committees.

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