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In a year when most conference attendance has gone down significantly, the 2002 Energy and Environmental Conference experienced a slight increase in attendance from last year.

The conference was a success due to strong executive panels, excellent technical content in the program, strong support of exhibitors, a great location in New Orleans, and all the hard work on the part of the conference committee.

This year's conference featured three executive panels. Executive speakers included

  • Ms. Kathy Hatcher, Training Director at Westinghouse Savannah River
  • Mr. Robert Azzarello, Training Manager at Entergy's River Bend Power Station
  • Dr. Marcia Davies, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
  • Mr. Ron Magee, NASA Stennis Space Center
  • Mr. Mike Carter, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
  • Mr. Howard Wilchins, U.S. Department of Energy

The conference also featured Tim Barfield, President of Shaw Environmental & Infrastructure Company of Baton Rouge, Louisiana as a luncheon speaker.

The conference technical program featured 18 sessions organized into three tracks.

Ann Phillips, with Omni Tech International, organized the track on Integrating Quality, Environmental, Health, and Safety Audits, which included technical presentations by

  • Judy Malsbury, Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory
  • Jeff Scott, T&R Production Technologies
  • Jessie Wilke and Roy Lebel, Brookhaven National Laboratory
  • Ann Phillips, Omni Tech International

Ken Gidlow, with DynCorp, organized the track on Root Cause Analysis and Corrective Actions, which included presentations by

  • Mary McDonald, ISO/QS Inc.
  • Chris Eckert, Apollo Associated Services
  • Keith Antis, Marathon Ashland Petroleum
  • Caroline Fisher, Loyola University
  • J. M. Drake, Strategic Petroleum Reserve
  • Ed Skompski, TapRoot
  • Mark Galley, Think Reliability
  • Frans de Waard, Halliburton KBR

John Dew, with the University of Alabama, organized the track on Environmental Management issues, which included presentations by

  • John Foster, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
  • Beth Shearer, Federal Energy Management Program
  • Saied Gouda and Mark Hinebaugh, Detroit Edison
  • Ron Henderson, ABS Consulting
  • Scott Bergeron, Ray McDermott
  • Thea Dunmire, ENLAR Compliance Services
  • Loretta Sanford, Brown & Caldwell
  • Nancy Wentworth, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Tom Koepp, with Bechtel Jacobs, organized the exhibits for this year's conference. Exhibitors included

  • ABS Consulting
  • Capaccio Environmental Engineering
  • ENLAR Compliance Services
  • ITS Interteck Testing Services
  • Lean Plus
  • Louisiana State Quality Award
  • Loyola University - New Orleans
  • Minitab, Inc.
  • Navarro Research & Engineering
  • QualTrax
  • QSU Publishing Company
  • Registrar Accreditation Board
  • Sullivan Consulting Group
  • U.S. EPA National Performance Track

The Location
New Orleans was a great location for a conference. The weather was actually milder than in the northeast during the conference, with mild breezes blowing in fresh air from the Gulf of Mexico. The Hilton Hotel was a tremendous conference location, and the EED Program Chair, Ray Vurpillat, did another great job with organizing conference logistics. Much thanks is also due to Freda Monk, who handled conference registration and all of the participants' questions at the registration desk.

Extra thanks is due to EED member and New Orleans resident Alfred Smith, who manned the EED booth for two days and provided information on local activities. Thanks, Al!!!

The Conference Committee
The Energy and Environmental Conference is created and hosted by volunteers from within the Energy and Environmental Division. This year's committee included

  • John Dew, Conference Chair
  • Ben Marguglio, Vice-Chair and Executive Panel Moderator
  • Jeff Worthington, Executive Panel Moderator
  • Chuck Moseley, Executive Panel Moderator
  • Ann Phillips, Technical Program Manager
  • Ken Gidlow, Technical Program Manager
  • Tom Koepp, Exhibits
  • Ray Vurpillat, Conference Arrangements
  • Ron Fitzgerald, Finances

The Energy and Environmental Division wishes to express its thanks to the Conference Committee members, the executive panelists, the technical session speakers, the exhibitors, and all the participants whose presence and participation made this conference a success.

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