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The Web site (the members-only section of the ASQ Web site) offers members the opportunity to discuss quality online or locate other ASQ members through database queries. Using this tool, I was able to obtain a status of the international members of the Energy and Environmental Division.

As of October 18, 2001, in addition to the United States, over 50 countries were represented in the division. Many of these international participants are expatriate American members, presently overseas in some capacity. The 280 members displayed by the database query were widely distributed across different countries. This is how the members were distributed:

Canada 100
Brazil 16
Japan 10
Portugal 10
Argentina 8
India 8
Hong Kong 7
Mexico 7
Singapore 7
Trinidad and Tobago 7
Italy 6
South Africa 6
United Kingdom 6
Finland 5
Malaysia 5
Spain 5
Other 67

This is a superficial display of the international EED members, but a few ideas arise that would accommodate and support these individuals:

  • There may be some benefit to making EED resources available in multiple languages. Spanish and Portuguese are the dominant choices for such translation activities.

  • The low penetration in Europe is surprising, given that many environmental initiatives originate from that continent. It may be necessary to develop an alliance with a preexisting organization to expand our scope to that area.

  • The issue of converging management standards for quality, environmental management, and health and safety have not been reflected in the international participation in EED.

The opportunity to interact across international boundaries to address a common issue is very important and must be seized. I welcome comments and contributions from international EED members who wish to expand this initiative further. Please contact me at

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