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These are exciting times for both ASQ and the Energy and Environmental Division.

The ASQ New Headquarters Dedication Ceremony was held on Saturday, November 10, 2001, in Milwaukee. Several EED members had the pleasure of attending, including

  • Mike Gilman—Division Chair,
  • John Dew and Gary Johnson—Past Division Chairs, and
  • Ron Fitzgerald—Past Chair and Member of ASQ’s “Investing in Quality Campaign” fund-raising committee.

The day included dedication ceremonies, ribbon cutting, and a family homecoming picnic, all held at the beautiful new building. Check out the new building by visiting ASQ’s Web site at and selecting “Experience the New Home of ASQ.” And remember, all members are invited to visit the new ASQ building when travels may bring them to Milwaukee.

The Energy and Environmental Division also has some big plans for the new year in the form of three major events.

First, our hugely successful ISO 9000 and ISO 14000 conference held in connection with ASQ headquarters. This year we will be in Indianapolis during the week of March 12–15. Indianapolis during March madness, for you basketball fans, will be an exciting place. We had a great time in Indy a few years ago when ASQ held its Annual Quality Congress there. See the conference article later in this QEHSZine for more details.

Second, this year’s ASQ Annual Quality Congress (AQC) will be noticeably greener than in past years. The AQC will be held May 19–22 in downtown Denver.The congress will include an entire noticeably green track made up of seven sessions. Addition of this track means that several sessions each day will discuss environmental quality issues. Complete information on the Annual Quality Congress can be found at To see the green track sessions, click this link: Go to the fourth menu line, “Sessions by Track,” select “Green Track,” and click “Go.” You will see descriptions of the following seven sessions:

Monday—Quality Managers Can Help Improve the Environment
Monday—Green Communities and Environmental Performance Metrics
Tuesday—Quality and Environmental Management Practices in Government
Tuesday—Integrating Green into Your Existing Business Management Systems
Tuesday—Environmental and Quality Management to Improve Business Processes
Wednesday—Ford Motor Company: Perspectives on Green Business
Wednesday—Process Auditing: Lean + Green = Continuous Improvement

If you have any questions concerning EED participation in AQC, please contact Jeff Worthington at

Finally, our E&E Division Annual Conference is now firm, and this year we will be visiting New Orleans. Our location will be the Hilton Hotel on the Riverwalk, in close proximity to the French Quarter. The conference will run from Sunday, August 11 through Wednesday, August 14, so plan your summer vacations accordingly and join us in New Orleans. A more detailed story on this event can also be found later in this QEHSZine.

ASQ and EED—“The times, they are a changin’.” Bob Dylan certainly could have written those words this past September 11, and they would have been even more meaningful than they were over 30 years ago. While we will never forget the events of 9/11, life must go on. We hope you can join us at our three major events of 2002, as ASQ and EED move forward.

I wish you and your family a joyous holiday season and a happy 2002.

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