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Energy waste is found in almost all work environments. Its cost directly affects everyone by reducing profits and money available for people, capital improvements, and research. One opportunity every company has for reducing its energy costs is to encourage employees to use just enough energy to get their part of the process done.

Informed employees will want to play an important role in tracking down and stopping energy waste. Management's role is to empower employees by giving them information and processes for participating. It is around this philosophy that FLEXi Energy Posters built its “Employee Awareness Energy Conservation” theme.

For many years, this organization has been helping clients design energy awareness and process materials that help track and reinforce good energy habits. Materials have been used in automotive and other industrial plants, hospitals, schools, office buildings, restaurants, and within all of the military services.

One of the suggestions for a successful program is to create a written standard of energy usage that everyone can understand and subscribe to. One such standard that FLEXi Energy Posters recommends is “Just enough is enough energy.”

FLEXi Energy Posters incorporates signage, charting, displays, energy tip booklets, contests, awards, and inexpensive message-reinforcing handouts to help its clients make their energy message stand out and be heard.

Additional effective and easy-to-implement ideas are available at Interested readers may contact Marvin Weisenthal at (800) 875-1725 for more information.

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