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The 2002 ISO 9000/ISO 14000 Conference will be held at the Indianapolis Marriott Hotel, Indianapolis, Indiana, on March 12–16, 2002. Like the 2001 conference in Reno, this conference is being presented concurrently with the U.S. Standards Group Meeting at the same location. Again, experts from TAG 176 and TAG 207 will be available to meet with attendees and answer their questions. This co-location also ensures that the information presented will be timely.

The transition from the “old” ISO 9000 to the “new" ISO 9000 will be well under way, and many companies and organizations will be seeking information on how to make that transition as painless as possible. ISO 14001 and ISO 14004 will be moving through their revision cycles, and there is expected to be extensive debate on proposed changes and lessons learned from the past five years since the original publication of the standards. The combined auditing standard, ISO 19011, will be moving closer toward completion. All of this suggests that Indianapolis will be an exciting place to be next March. If an organization is beginning its EMS or QMS journey, then the Indianapolis conference will again offer all of the basics to help the organization choose its pathway. If an organization is already certified to either ISO 9001 or ISO 14001, the Indianapolis conference will offer information on what has or is about to change, as well as improvement lessons from what others have done in implementing their systems.

No other conference offers as comprehensive a technical program in a four-day event as does the Indianapolis conference, along with opportunities to view the latest offerings in EMS and QMS products and services and to network with other users. Building on the success of the Reno conference, EED and ASQ Headquarters look forward to Indianapolis and continued success.

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