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R&D Committee to meet

The R&D Committee has a new service goal for our laboratory quality Energy and Environmental Division members. Several years ago, we had an active group of laboratory quality managers, who met annually to discuss common problems, share solutions, and, in general, network. With tightened budgets, restricted travel, disappearance of quality organizations into larger ES&H organizations, and other events, we lost that network. We would like to use our Wednesday morning session at this year’s convention to reestablish this network. Each laboratory is invited to prepare a 5- to 10-minute presentation highlighting your laboratory’s quality organization and, if you’re willing, to share lists of functional contacts in your group. This information will give us a source of contacts across the labs on subjects such as lessons learned, corrective actions, assessments, inspections, etc. Having this list of helpful sources will do a lot to eliminate the isolation that some of our site quality staff members have expressed. If you’re interested in making a presentation for your laboratory, please contact me at In addition, we’ll plan on spending the remaining time discussing the kind of topics you’d like to cover at next year’s convention. See you in Tucson!

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