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The following press release is from DynMcDermott, a petroleum operations company. For more information, contact Cindi Nelson, (504) 734-4586.

New Orleans, LA DynMcDermott (DM) Petroleum Operations Company, management and operations contractor for the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Strategic Petroleum Reserve, was certified by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) for meeting the ISO 14001 standard on May 19, 2000. Specifically, the company received the certification for implementing an environmental management system (EMS) that is integrated into all aspects of the business. DynMcDermott is the first company in the United States in the business of storing bulk petroleum to have its EMS certified as meeting the ISO standard. DynMcDermott and the Strategic Petroleum Reserve also represent the first DOE Office of Fossil Energy facility to receive this certification and only the fifth DOE facility nationwide awarded the certification.

ISO is a worldwide federation with membership in more than 130 countries. The organization exists to promote the development and implementation of voluntary international standards. The 14000 series of standards include EMSs. DynMcDermott received certification because the company’s environmental protection policies are integrated into the general management of the company.

DynMcDermott successfully demonstrated how the company goes beyond simply complying with regulations. An ISO Registrar visited the New Orleans administrative office and the two Louisiana Strategic Petroleum Reserve storage sites and met with DM managers and members of the general staff. The remaining two Texas Strategic Petroleum Reserve storage sites will be audited during alternating six-month surveillance audits. At each location, compliance with regulations, DOE orders, community requirements, and pollution prevention and continually improving processes to minimize environmental impact are major concerns that are part of the company’s environmental policy. Simply stated, the policy asserts that "DynMcDermott operates only in an environmentally responsible manner." Thus, concern for the environment is a part of everyday operations at the Strategic Petroleum Reserve.

At this time, certification is voluntary, but governments and multinational businesses encourage ISO 14001 certification for companies seeking to do business with them in the global market. In the future, companies or governments may require those companies doing business with them to have an ISO-certified environmental management system.

DynMcDermott manages and operates four crude oil storage sites in Louisiana and Texas for DOE and one administrative office in New Orleans. The U.S. Strategic Petroleum Reserve is the nation’s emergency crude oil stockpile. More than 565 million barrels of crude oil are stored underground inside salt domes along the Louisiana and Texas Gulf Coast.

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