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JohnDew.gif (20489 bytes)The Energy & Environmental Division needs help from members willing to volunteer their time in several areas.

First, we need several people who are willing to serve on conference planning committees. If you’re interested in learning more about how to organize a conference and can volunteer some time to help with the Fall 2001 conference, I’d like to hear from you. We’ll start organizing for that conference in just a few weeks. If you live in the Detroit area, we could use your help with the upcoming QS 9000 and 14001 conference we’ll be co-hosting with the Automotive Division this November.

Second, we have technical committees that need active committee members. If you work in the forest products industry; the oil, chemical, or gas industry; at a national laboratory; at an analytical laboratory; or at a fossil fuel power plant, we need your involvement in a technical committee to help identify and develop actions, training, or products to help the people in your sector. Please get in touch with me or the appropriate committee chair.

Third, we need volunteers interested in integrated quality, environmental, health, and safety auditing to help us complete our QEHS integrated auditing handbook. We’ve made a lot of progress on this project this year, but we could use some extra help to complete the task.

Fourth, we need people willing to help us recruit members and get the word out about our conferences. If you have ideas about Web sites where we can post information, other organizations that would want information about our conferences, or an ASQ section that might be interested in forming an environmental council, please let me know.

Fifth, we need members to speak about the division at their section meetings. We have an EED presentation (set of viewgraphs) we can send you. Now is the time to get lined up to speak about quality in the energy and/or environmental field for your section’s 2000–2001 program calendar.

Sixth, we need members to tell others about EED and encourage them to join the division or to attend a conference. Your own commitment and participation in the division is the best way to attract others to join and participate.

Seventh, we sometimes have vacancies for committee chair positions and division officers. If you’re willing to take on a leadership role and have your organization’s support, please let me know. If we don’t call upon you during the new 2000–2001 year (July 1, 2000–June 30, 2001), we may be able to line you up for a leadership slot in the 2001–2002 term.

If you’re interested in becoming more active in the division, please send me an e-mail or talk to me at the Tucson conference. I can be reached at

Hope to see you all in Tucson!

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