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JohnDew.gif (20489 bytes)Welcome to the Energy and Environmental Division’s QEHS Zine. A lot of members have been asking me, "What do I get for supporting EED with my dues, other than a big discount at conferences?"

The answer is information. We live in an age where information and knowledge are the most valuable commodities for professionals. As professionals, we must constantly reflect on the body of knowledge of our profession and contribute to the body of knowledge by sharing best practices and creating new approaches for solving difficult problems.

Members of this division share many common traits. We tend to work with organizations that are focused on complicated systems and difficult projects. We tend to work in organizations that must constantly improve in order to deal with decreasing budgets and competitive pressures. We tend to work in organizations that are on the cutting edge in developing new knowledge about quality practices, especially in the emerging field of integrating quality, environmental, and health and safety management practices.

EED members are spread out all over the world, and that is one of the reasons we have migrated to the electronic magazine format. An e-zine costs less to produce, is faster to distribute, and allows us to package a lot more information, which is why our members support us.

I hope you’ll tell all your colleagues about this site and the QEHS Zine. We need to seriously increase the Number of members in the Energy and Environmental Division in order to remain a viable part of ASQ. As a current member of the division, you are our best voice for encouraging others to join and get involved

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