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2015 WCQI Session Proposal Educ Template

by Education Division

  • Filetype: doc
  • Publish date: 2014-07
  • Keywords:WCQI
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Editor's Note: Time to Reflect

by Schmidt, Megan

In this issue of the Higher Education Brief, you’ll find resources, tools and techniques that you can use to become a more effective and systematic action researcher...

  • Filetype: pdf
  • Publish date: 2014-06
  • Keywords:Quality Tools, Higher Education Brief
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Editor's Note: Opening Education's Toolbox

by Schmidt, Megan

In this edition of the Primary and Secondary Education Brief, we explore the use of quality tools by teachers and students...

  • Filetype: pdf
  • Publish date: 2014-05
  • Keywords:Basic Quality
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Editor's Note: Leaning Into Lean Six Sigma

by Schmidt, Megan

A rigorous reduction of waste (lean) and variation (Six Sigma) sounds like just what academia needs in an environment of diminished resources, increasing demand for transparency and a greater focus on the student experience...

  • Filetype: pdf
  • Publish date: 2014-04
  • Keywords:Continuous Improvement, Lean

Using Student Satisfaction Data to Start Conversations about Continuous Improvement

by Nair, Chenicheri Sid; Bennett, Lorraine ;

Quality Approaches in Higher Education Vol. 2(1) (June 2011) article by Chenicheri Sid Nair and Lorraine Bennett. This article advocates the value of the student voice as a catalyst for initial conversations and discussions about designing and implementing continuous quality improvement action plans in higher education. In the case study, student satisfaction data and feedback collected through unit (subject) evaluations at a large, research-intensive university in Australia were drawn upon to inform a targeted intervention strategy that addressed pedagogical and curriculum design concerns. Working from the student data, staff teams identified and prioritized areas for improvement and focused on making changes that had high impact on student learning. While this systematic quality improvement initiative was developed in response to student feedback in one university, the contention is that this approach has relevance and application to universities around the world that are focusing on impro

  • Filetype: pdf
  • Publish date: 2014-03
  • Keywords:Quality Approaches in Higher Education, Assessment/Surveys

Engaging Undergraduate Business Students in Quality Related Research at a Small Liberal Arts College

by Griesemer, James A. ;

Quality Approaches in Higher Education article Vol. 2 (1), (June 2011) by James A. Griesemer This article focuses on the author's experiences when introducing undergraduate business students to quality-related research activities. Quality management and statistical process control are often covered only in a productions systems management course for undergraduate business students at a small liberal arts college. The results exceeded the author's expectations, and he is now planning to include research activities in his other courses.

  • Filetype: pdf
  • Publish date: 2014-03
  • Keywords:Quality Approaches in Higher Education, Teaching Quality

Quality and Variation in Education

by Dew, John;

Quality Approaches in Higher Education Vol. 2 No. 1 (June 2011) article by John Dew, senior vice chancellor of Troy University and past Education Division chair. Although there are many voices for improving quality in America’s educational system, few of these perspectives are constructed on an understanding of the meaning of quality and the body of knowledge concerning quality related to repeatable processes. Over the past five decades, quality practitioners have identified several fundamental principles that led to the effective redesign of the automotive, aerospace, and service industries—and that are now systematically applied to begin curtailing errors and preventing adverse events in healthcare settings. It is time for those in the field of education—particularly those involved in preparing leaders in education systems—to come to terms with the fundamentals of quality and begin applying quality improvement methods to education. It is time for administrators in education to sto

  • Filetype: pdf
  • Publish date: 2014-03
  • Keywords:Quality Approaches in Higher Education, Quality tools, Quality Approaches in Higher Education

Creating a Kaizen Movement During Economic Turbulence

by Coleman, Mychal; Barwis, Erin;

Quality Approaches in Higher Education Vol. 2 No. 1 (June 2011) article...

  • Filetype: pdf
  • Publish date: 2014-03
  • Keywords:Quality Approaches in Higher Education, Continuous improvement
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Editor's Note: Raising the Bar

by Schmidt, Megan

The Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award is the only formal recognition of performance excellence given to public and private U.S. organizations by the president of the United States. But the Baldrige program is about more than the award...

  • Filetype: pdf
  • Publish date: 2014-03
  • Keywords:Primary and Secondary Education Brief

Giving the Body of Knowledge a Voice

by Padro, Fernando F;

Quality Approaches in Higher Education Vol. 3 No. 2 (Dec 2012) Editorial..

  • Filetype: pdf
  • Publish date: 2014-03
  • Keywords:Quality Approaches in Higher Education

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