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2017 Best Paper Award Announcement


The editors of Quality Approaches in Education are pleased to announce the journal’s 2017 Best Paper Award has been awarded to Thomas W. Gainey for his paper Improving Quality in Academic Units: The Important Role of Senior Surveys.

This best paper award goes to the article that made the largest single contribution to the development or application of quality approaches in education, and was published in the 2017 Quality Approaches in Education journal.


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Many ASQ members are engaged in educational activities. ASQ quality professionals often provide workshops, training, and professional development programs for employees in their organization, or to external clients. Many members of the Society are engaged in teaching quality methods at community colleges, colleges, and universities. Some are even engaged in promoting the teaching and use of quality methods in K-12 schools and school systems.

The Education Division provides a virtual place where ASQ members with interests in education can interact. The division supports a signature peer-reviewed journal, Quality Approaches in Education, publishes an online newsletter, and supports technical programs at the World Conference on Quality and Improvement. The division also supports networking groups on topics such as quality in K-12 schools, teaching quality as a STEM discipline, using the Baldrige Criteria in Education.

All ASQ members are invited to participate in the division and interact with their colleagues from around the world. For more information, please contact the Division Chair, Dr. John R. Dew at


The STEM Network

The STEM Network discusses STEM issues, opportunities, and continuous improvement on the secondary and higher education levels. The team has developed a directory of relevant resources and posts monthly articles on the Advancing the STEM Agenda LinkedIn Group. If you are interested in joining the STEM network, please contact Terri Showers

Learning Opportunities

Accent on Excellence: Teachers as Learning Specialists
This “Accent on Excellence” session will engage participants in actively describing high performing teachers. Presented by Paul Berggren with Dr. Vic Cottrell from Crown Global Consulting and hosted by Dr. Lee Jenkins

Permission to Forget, Tenth Anniversary Edition by Dr. Lee Jenkins. This book describes 10 decades of wasteful practices buried deep within U.S. schools. Today’s educators did not invent these wasteful practices; they inherited them. Five of the root causes are wasting time and five are wasting student potential. SPECIAL OFFER Buy quantities of 10 for just $100.




The Summer 2018 edition of QEDNews is now available for review. This publication is dedicated to former division chair, Norma Simons, and features the division Network groups, highlights from the 2018 WCQI, and key point from the 2017 division satisfaction survey.


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