Optimization of the Test Stress Levels of an ADT

by Zheng-Zheng Ge; Xiao-Yang Li; Tong-Min Jiang; Jing-Rui Zhang;

This paper optimizes a design of an ADT by optimizing its stress levels...

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  • Publish date: 2011-01
  • Keywords:RAMS 2011 Proceedings,Accelerated Life Testing, Degradation, Monte Carlo Analysis, Process Design/Reliability

Special Topics for Consideration in a Design for Reliability Process

by Georgios Sarakakis; Athanasios Gerokostopoulos; Adamantios Mettas

In this paper, we look at certain areas of the Design For Reliability (DFR) process where missteps or misapplications are common due to misunderstood “common practices” ......

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  • Publish date: 2011-01
  • Keywords:Design Reliability, Conceptual Design, Failure Rate, Process Design/Reliability,RAMS 2011 Proceedings, Reliability Analysis/Prediction/Estimation

Condition Diagnosis with Complex Network-Time Series Analysis

by Peilin Yang, PhD; Jianmin Gao, PhD; Jiacheng Pan, MS; Hongquan Jiang, PhD

Safety and reliability have always been the one of utmost and most important tasks, especially in chemical industry. The process industry system is a collection of many kinds of equipment, and it is usually of complex and integrated structures...

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  • Publish date: 2011-01
  • Keywords:RAMS 2011 Proceedings, Reliability Analysis/Prediction/Estimation, Reliability Model, Process Design/Reliability

Hazard Analysis Based on Human-Machine-Environment Coupling

by Yang Wu, PhD; Xiaoyun Wang, PhD; Tingdi Zhao, PhD; Jin Tian, PhD;

The concept "Human (H)-Machine (M)-Environment (E) coupling" is put forward, and the connotative meaning and representation of the hazards owning to coupling is represented...

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  • Publish date: 2011-01
  • Keywords:Conceptual Design, Design Reliability, Process Design/Reliability, RAMS 2011 Proceedings, Reliability Model

Reliability Test Procedures for Achieving Highly Robust Electronic

by Tekcan, Tarkan ; Kirişken, Barbaros ;

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Today’s consumer electronics market becomes highly competitive because of the increase on number of manufacturers and high consumer expectations. These competition causes dramatic cost decreasing. Each cost down work could cause very crucial reliability problems if it is not managed well. Also, consumers’ expectations about reliability of the products are increased. Reliable, trouble-free and robust products satisfy customer needs for a long time. These quality improvements increase sales, reduce rework and services costs, and obtain good brand reputation. However, the manufacturing costs will be increased if it is wanted to produce highly

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  • Publish date: 2010-01
  • Keywords:RAMS 2010 Proceedings, Accelerated Life Testing, Failure Analysis, Process Design/Reliability

Reintegration of Sustainment into Systems Engineering During the Department of Defense Acquisition Process

by Schmieder, Grant R. ;

This article provides brief descriptions of the actions that have been taken to rejuvenate sustainment planning during the early phases of program development...

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  • Publish date: 2010-01
  • Keywords:RAMS 2010 Proceedings,Reliability and Availability Assessment, Maintainability, Process Design/Reliability

Achieving World-Class Reliability in General Aviation’s Supply Chain

by Hamada, Murad; Jarrell, Glenn

This paper presents a fresh look at what corporations in general need to do to establish a comprehensive reliability program..

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  • Publish date: 2009-02
  • Keywords:RAMS 2009 Proceedings,Process Design/Reliability, Process Management

Predicting Reliability Investment to Achieve Given Reliability Improvement

by Forbes, James A.; Lee, David A.; Long, E. Andrew

This paper reports on the development of a mathematical model that can be used to predict the investment in reliability required to achieve a given amount of reliability improvement...

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  • Publish date: 2009-02
  • Keywords:RAMS 2009 Proceedings,Process Design/Reliability, Life Cycle Cost, Reliability Model

Development of a Design-For-Reliability method for complex systems

by Poncelin, Guillaume; Derain, Jean-Pierre; Cauvin, Aline; Dufrene, Denis

The complex systems are defined as being systems made up of a great number of entities in interaction whose evolution is impossible to know without making experiments, possibly on a small-scale model...

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  • Publish date: 2008-02
  • Keywords:RAMS 2008 Proceedings,Design Reliability, Process Design/Reliability, Life Cycle Cost

Design of Inspection and Maintenance Models Based on the CCC-Chart

by Chan, Ling-Yau

Annual Reliability and Maintainability Symposium (RAMS), 2003 Proceedings. Session 6A: Repairable Systems Modeling. Moderator: Justin Chimka - University of Arkansas...

  • Filetype: pdf
  • Publish date: 2003-06
  • Keywords:Maintainability, Process Design/Reliability; Reliability Model, RAMS 2003 Proceedings,Repairable Systems

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