A Risks Analysis Method Combining Performance and Reliability

by Yin, Meng-Lai

Using performability analysis mechanisms to assess systems’ risk is proposed in this paper, so that the impacts from different factors can be integrated..

  • Filetype: pdf
  • Publish date: 2009-02
  • Keywords:RAMS 2009 Proceedings,Reliability Model, Safety and Risk Management, Customer Requirements

Early Detection of Warranty Issues: A Multi-Disciplinary Literature Survey

by Vittal, Sameer; Neuman, Hemy

This paper provides an open-source literature survey on the emerging science of early detection of warranty and reliability issues - a topic that is becoming critical to product life management for the automotive, aerospace and energy industries...

  • Filetype: pdf
  • Publish date: 2008-02
  • Keywords:RAMS 2008 Proceedings,Warranty, Customer Requirements

Spare Parts Management Considering New Sales

by Liao, Haitao; Wang, Peng; Jin, Tongdan; Repaka, Sunny

It is difficult to control spare parts inventory of a product to meet certain maintenance demand. The problem becomes more challenging when the installed base of the product changes over time...

  • Filetype: pdf
  • Publish date: 2008-02
  • Keywords:RAMS 2008 Proceedings,Optimizing Equipment Maintenance, Engineering, R&M Modeling and Optimization, Customer Requirements

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