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Linking Management Systems

Abstract: Most organizations are looking for the “magic pill” that will solve their management problems, integrate their various systems, and automate their internal procedures, but the smartest companies know that this magic pill doesn’t exist. Real improvement—and true efficiency—comes from breaking down silos and integrating an organization’s existing procedures, management layers, and regulatory compliance efforts.

Because they’re so tightly regulated, modern organizations often struggle with the burden of complying with multiple state, federal, and industry rules and requirements. Compliance is usually mandatory, and the consequences of noncompliance can be severe. The cost of maintaining compliance to important financial regulations such as the Sarbanes-Oxley law can be enormous, but it can be minimized by linking the various internal processes with existing procedures, other regulatory requirements and international standards, such as ISO 9001. Why perform root cause analysis or preventive action twice when you can do it just once?

In Competitive Advantage: Linked Management Systems, author Sandford Liebesman explains why linking management systems is such a good idea. He also demonstrates exactly how to do it, in easy-to- understand language designed to simplify the process.

Keywords: Quality Assurance - Down with Silos

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