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Francisco Argemiro e Silva Jr., improvement facilitator, Gerdau Long Steel North America

silva-pictureFrancisco Argemiro e Silva as a process engineer as the improvement facilitator at Gerdau Long Steel North America. He has a bachelor’s degree in materials engineering and is currently working on his MBA at Coles College of Business in Kennesaw, GA. Silva is a member of ASQ.

Here, Silva answers some questions about the importance of Six Sigma.

What do you think is most important in implementing a Six Sigma project?

Leadership support and team working.

Why do you think Six Sigma is important?

Because it helps your company/business to become more competitive.

Why do you think quality is important?

Because it drives customer satisfaction and without that, no business can run.

What’s your favorite benefit of quality?

The satisfaction of work well done.

Why did you choose to go into the quality field?

Because this field opens windows of opportunities and because I always felt motivated by the challenge of improving a process.

What’s your best advice to someone new to quality?

Read about it, ask others about it and listen to someone with seniority.


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