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Diego Mondragon, program manager, Motorola

Diego Mondragon, an ASQ member for almost a year, is a program manager for Motorola in Colombia. He has a degree in electronic engineering. Mondragon is also a certified project management professional and has undergone training in project management, quality, and services and support. Additionally, he is a Six Sigma Green Belt candidate.

Mondragon recently answered some brief questions about the importance of Six Sigma and quality.

What do you think is most important in implementing a Six Sigma project?
Commitment from people.

Why do you think Six Sigma is important?
It is the best path in granting customer satisfaction.

Why do you think quality is important?
Quality means customer satisfaction; customer satisfaction means sales.

What’s your favorite benefit of quality?
Look for the best product at the right place to guarantee customer satisfaction. In talking about projects, I used Six Sigma to control, ensure and guarantee the project execution. I had been working at Motorola, using the lean project management concept.

Why did you choose to go into the quality field?
I had been working with management as a project manager and on technical issues as an engineer. Quality was necessary to guarantee good projects.

What’s your best advice to someone new to quality?
Quality is not just a new requirement. Quality and its practices and procedures provide tools, concepts and procedures to manage risks and errors and improve the way you produce or manage your business.


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