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Marc Hamilton, senior consultant, Hamilton Management Consultants LLC  

Marc Hamilton - photoMarc Hamilton is a senior consultant for Hamilton Management Consultants LLC. He has a master’s degree in industrial engineering and has been an ASQ member for 23 years. Recently, Hamilton answered a few questions about the importance of Six Sigma.

What do you think is most important in implementing a Six Sigma project? 

Defining the problem well and making sure Six Sigma is the right tool to use.

Why do you think Six Sigma is important?  

It is an extension of the scientific method, presented in a way that allows many people to use structured thinking in their improvements.

Why do you think quality is important? 

Disaggregated supply chains and widespread consumption of food and medical products requires assurance that the quality is good and will cause no harm. Quality methods help ensure that.

What’s your favorite benefit of quality? 

Reducing the level of effort required to do a job and the subsequent frustration.

Why did you choose to go into the quality field?  

The methods and tools fit with my way of thinking.

What’s your best advice to someone new to quality? 

Focus on the whole process, not the tools. The easy part of the job is isolating the problem. The work begins in selecting the right improvement and implementing.

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