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Reliability Division Regional Councilors

The regional councilor is an appointed role by the division leadership team, and whose activities are to support the Reliability Division mission and the ASQ strategic plan by pursuing the plan objectives, showing evidence of this activity in a measurable manner. The regional councilor program for the Reliability Division consists of a number of actionable items aligned with the ASQ strategic plan. The regional councilors are commissioned to work within their respective regions, each of which may have several already existing ASQ section chapters. Working with and through the local sections as well as directly through the Reliability Division membership lists, the regional councilor is expected to endeavor to accomplish the identified goals.

The majority of the actions that the Reliability Division regional councilors are expected to perform are actions that may be accomplished through effective communications and dialogue with the section leadership and membership within their respective regions.

We are actively seeking individuals who are willing to energetically promote the practice of the reliability toolset, bring greater awareness of the benefits of the practice to the community at large, and increase the capability of the division. This is a leadership position, requiring competencies in communications, tactical planning, interpersonal skills and refinement of influential leadership skills.

Please contact to express your interest in becoming a member of the Reliability Division regional council cadre.

Below are our current regional councilors, the preceeding number represents the ASQ Region number. Click for Regional Map

1. Mohammed PourgolMohammad:

2. David Auda:

5. Aron Brall:

5. Open

6. Deniz Eroglu :

7. Open

9. Ha Dao:

10. Jim McLeish:

11. Jason Overstreet:

12. Jim McLinn:

12. Dan Burrows:

13. Mithchell Rausch:

15. Timothy Adams:

Canada-Alberta- Sumit Chatterjee:

Argentina- Leandro Daniel Torres:

Brazil- Joao Mapel:

China- Mingbin Chen:

Dominican Republic: Daniel Vargas

France- Bruno Cros:

Germany- Patil Prabhudevagouda:

Honduras- Carlos

India- Anand Keerthi:

Italy- Alessio

Norway- Hermanto Ang:

Philippines- Irma Santoa:

Spain- Javier Villarrubia

South Korea- So. Youngkug(蘇 永國)

Sweden- Per Johansson:

Turkey- Mustafa Pehlivan:

Qatar- Gehadeldin Hamoda:

United Kingdom- Sibson Dalgo Edakara:

Venezuela- Ernesto Primera:

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