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ISO 9001:2008 Interpretive Guide for the Design and Construction Team

by the Design and Construction Division

ISO 9001:2008

Call (800) 248-1946 and ask for E1204 or visit Quality Press.

The Interpretive Guide costs $42.00 for ASQ Members

A process-based QMS conforming to ISO 9001 can be used to add value and prevent loss while providing confidence that requirements will be met. The Table of Interpretations relates the generically worded clauses of ISO 9001 in the language used by owners, project managers, designers, and contractors so all members of the project team can see how to work systematically (apart and together) to meet requirements. The system requirements include cycles of:

  • Understanding the needs of customers
  • Establishing policy and objectives to efficiently meet those needs
  • Planning the QMS to meet the objectives
  • Investing in resources (including competent employees)
  • Translating customer needs into product requirements
  • Planning processes for ensuring customer requirements will be met


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