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2014 Business Plan
2015 Business Plan (excel)


Strategic Objectives

Products and Services

Concentrate on products and services directed at the professional development of its members and the industry in quality and quality-related issues.

Increase information on:

  • Owner education in the selection of Design and Construction firms
  • How to educate clients on their role during design and construction
  • If and how other companies apply quality improvement
  • Things we can do to improve the quality of service to clients
  • Specialties application (designers, construction and engineering managers, etc.)
  • The sustainable development field
  • Materials, tools, case histories, applications, operations, etc.
  • Success stories
  • Improving the "bottom line"
  • Recommended reading for mastery areas for TQM
  • How small companies can become established
  • How companies are applying ISO 9000 standards
  • Impact of ISO 9000 criteria to the construction process
  • ISO 9000 certification
  • New trends
  • Malcolm Baldrige Award
  • The Division, its resources and opportunities

Provide training on:

  • Application of quality principles and systems in design and construction
  • Application and techniques in the design and construction office
  • Applications in the field
  • Diversity in products and services, examples, and large and small projects
  • What quality can do
  • Statistical techniques in construction and construction management environment
  • Increasing the quality of the work performed by everyone
  • Individual growth
  • Team development
  • Application of ISO 9000 in design and construction companies
  • Quality connections
  • Increase informative information
  • More frequent issues
  • Increase conferences and journals, concentrating on specific techniques, etc.


Attract, retain, and engage individuals, as well as organizational members from all levels of design and construction industry, related products and service providers in private and public sectors, and educators.


  • Conferences to provide for exchanging information and working with potential clients and suppliers. Provide for members to demonstrate their expertise, quality initiative, and capabilities.
  • Conferences to bring national material to the member (see Research Objective)
  • Local section access is still beyond what the members will accommodate
  • Need innovative thinking to provide service in this area
  • Provide information about state members and section location, etc.
  • Provide information about international members and meeting locations, etc.
  • Participation
    - Provide for members to participate in Division activities

    (Concern about not being "wired" to the right person to take advantage of what they can contribute)
  • Include international participants in organization
  • Find new ways to include more people

    (More is learned by participation)

    (Commitment to Division increases with participation)

Organizational Strength

Continuously improve the ability to respond to the customer’s needs, deal with the growth of the Division, maintain adequate financial strength and effectiveness, while implementing new focused initiatives that enhance the value of membership.


  • Create a meaningful organizational chart designed to support the mission
  • Improve administrative, operational meetings to conduct business
  • Create midlevel administrators to serve local sections
  • Followup on assignments to complete these objectives
  • Affirm that activities meet the needs of the plan and the Division
  • Consider how to learn from the ASME organizational effectiveness example

National Issues Involvement

Become a known, respected presence in the media and the legislatures regarding the development, advocacy, and support of selected quality-related initiatives of importance in the various specialties of the design and construction industry.

Legislation and rules:

  • Recognition of qualified QA/QC staff to adapt to quality system
  • Establish certificates recognized by government agencies
  • Increase Design and Construction Committee members on ISO 9000 standards/legislative committees
  • Increase information to states' legislative committees on special interests, such as:
    - Paving and testing requirements
    - Urban infrastructure planning
    - Water and wastewater
    - Heavy/highway/structural
    - Public building
    - Parks
    - Traffic engineering
    - Transportation planning and construction, etc.
  • Increase government agency understanding of TQM regarding:
    - Projects
    - Funding
    - Selected designers
    - Bidding
  • Avoid making quality another layer of bureaucracy - an extra cost
  • Increase government client’s understanding of the need to be in the quality loop

Provide additional services to the regional counselors (local)

  • Provide ways to communicate with members
  • Provide media material to use regarding members
  • Communicate national issues
  • Quick response to needs for information


Identify and sponsor rigorous professional research in topical areas that could become important to the quality efforts of the design and construction industry, and to their customers.

Investigate, organize, make available the latest information on:

  • The standards in all areas of quality
  • The material in international developments in quality
  • Process improvement techniques to the construction industry
  • Quality improvement tools and concepts for small construction businesses
  • The benefits of quality programs for small firms
  • The key to making quality work
  • The impact of ISO 9000 criteria to the construction process
  • How ISO 9000 affects the design and construction industry
  • How to bring the products and services to the local members such as local sections, local, regional, and national meetings. Need innovative thinking to provide service to the members.
  • TQM academy like the Mechanical Contractors Association of America

Investigate, organize, make available the latest information:

  • How to get the small businessman or growing individual to take more seminars
  • A perspective and/or alternative QA system for those not going to ISO 9000

Products and services to the members:

Local, regional and national conferences often do not provide the services and subsequently draw the attendance to justify the cost. A significant initiative is required in this effort to appeal to and keep members.

  • Collect data from members to determine needs
  • Hold sessions at national conferences to work on this issue
  • Create a prototype program

Outreach and Collaboration

Increase the nation’s awareness and the application of quality principles in the constructed project through collaboration, partnerships, and support of other efforts, and through the use of the Division’s resources, network, and marketing strengths.


  • Develop designers', constructors', and owners' business contact opportunities
  • Set up resources for people looking for work nationwide or internationally
  • Develop a network of quality directors for contractors, A/E firms, specialty contractors, and owners
  • Propagate material about design and construction members, and available resources
  • Propagate international activities and members
  • Propose local, regional, and national conferences and meetings (see Research)

Contact and form alliances with:

  • Other architectural and engineering groups
  • Other construction groups
  • Owners' groups
  • Other quality-related societies and associations
  • Trade organizations

Inform membership:

  • Identify needs and opportunities for members to contribute:
    - Knowledge
    - Skills
    - Experiences
    - Questions
    - Search for talent and interest to work for the Division
    - Request and communicate experiences of members


Become the publicly recognized, reliable source of information about the development, use, and results of quality, such that the Design and Construction Division becomes the first reference for the media, academia, and business in construction-related issues.


  • Create recognition program similar to or including the Malcolm Baldrige
  • Provide public relations material for use nationally and in the local media and professional societies


  • Provide public relations material for use nationally and locally to enable members to acquire recognition in the media and in professional societies.


  • Promote the Division as the "champions" of quality in design and construction
  • Provide materials for local sections to use to propagate this message
  • Promote membership in the Division as quality champions
  • Increase quality awareness
  • Sell quality to the decision makers (top-level executives) - all sectors
  • Increase information to keep TQM relevant and responsive to the end user, maintain its reliability, and to promote it
  • Direct material at the levels that control the resources for funding quality
  • Do a follow-up survey


  • Get more material in Quality Progress relevant to design and construction
  • Make material in Quality Connections more relevant to TQM application
  • Make Quality Connections more informative and more frequent
  • Conferences, journals, to concentrate more on specific techniques, etc.


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