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We are the Design and Construction Division of the American Society for Quality, a professional society, dedicated to enhancing the quality of design and construction projects. Our members are quality professionals and managers from around the world and represent all facets of the construction industry, public and private. The industry segments represented include buildings, bridges, highways, telecommunications facilities, power generation, transmission and distribution, chemical processing plants, health care facilities, and research and other institutions.

The Design and Construction Division serves as the catalyst for architects, engineers, designers, construction managers, contractors, safety engineers, facility managers and other professional involved in the constructed project to exchange information and ideas, and to work together to improve the methods used to deliver the constructed project that meets the owners requirements in a cost effective manner.

To members of the Design and Construction Division, quality applies to everything every member of the project team does. Quality applies to more than materials and workmanship. It also covers information conveyed to members of a project team for them to add value.

Members of the Division represent the many parties who constitute the typical project team including the owner, project manager, architect, engineer, constructor, general contractor, specialist or trade contractors, and materials suppliers. All members also belong to the American Society for Quality.

We exchange ideas and experience through our network, meetings, conferences and through the pages of this website. We also provide speakers on aspects of quality management in design and construction for any audience.

The Division membership exceeds 1,500. There are many opportunities for new and existing members to serve the profession and the industry. We are particularly keen to develop our regional representatives and to involve the smaller companies in the construction industry.

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