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Welcome! The Design and Construction Division exists to advance quality and improvement within the industries that provide services for the built environment, and to provide resources and tools to our membership. Members include architects, engineers, designers, construction managers, contractors, safety engineers, facility managers, and other professionals.

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Thoughts from the Chair of ASQ Design and Construction Division

Fifteen years ago, my supervisor initiated my professional journey into quality by asking if I would take on the role of quality manager. At the time I worked for a firm engaged in construction materials testing, geotechnical investigation, and environmental consulting. A large scale project to install a multitude of monitoring wells had been secured, for which the firm needed to develop and obtain client approval of a quality management program.

As I began working on development and implementation of the plan, a colleague recommended that I look into joining the American Society for Quality (ASQ). Their advice was simple, ASQ could offer me training in quality tools and concepts, access to knowledgeable people to interact and network with, and the opportunity to earn certifications to bolster my resume. Being at the beginning of my journey, these inducements persuaded me to join ASQ. Through this membership, I earned several certifications, have met many smart and skilled people, and have developed a better understanding of the tools and concepts used in the realm of quality.

Yet when my renewal notice showed up from ASQ last month, I did pause to consider what is the value of ASQ to me now. My circumstances have certainly changed over fifteen years, and like many I have looked at the cost of membership and weighed it against the value I perceive I get it return. For myself, the value I get from ASQ depends on what I’m willing to contribute back to the Society and the Division. So in that spirit, I invite each Member to consider some of the following ways in which they can contribute to sustaining the health and vitality of the Design and Construction Division.

Construction Quality Manager Certificate – The Division has been hard at work the last two years soliciting industry input into a proposal and Body of Knowledge to support establishment of this certificate. A critical step on the horizon is the development of examination questions to support the certification. The Division will be looking for volunteers able to contribute time and expertise to this effort.

Division Member Index – In order to nurture networking among our membership, the Division is proposing to develop a Member Index that captures member names, contact information, and areas of skill or expertise. All that is required of you as a member is the provision of some information to build out the matrix and your agreement to let this information be published on the Division website.

Organizational Interface – The Design and Construction Division is looking for opportunities to better interface with other professional organizations that support Design and Construction professionals (e.g., AASHTO resource, CMAA). If you are a member of other professional organizations where you believe a mutually beneficial relationship could be established, the Division is looking for individuals to serve as liaisons and help keep the Division abreast of what is going on elsewhere in the industry.

I strongly believe that each of us gets from ASQ and the Design and Construction Division what we put into it. I encourage each member to think about what they want and need from the Division and to reach out to your Member Leaders to let us know. Additionally, consider where you would like to see the Division go and the possibility of becoming a Member Leader as well. There are great rewards to doing so, and for myself it has been a key factor in my continued renewal of my membership.

Warm Regards,

Benjamin Trujillo
Chair, ASQ Design and Construction Division


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