DMAIC Failure Modes

Six Sigma Forum Magazine vol. 4 issue 3 - May 2005

Abstract: The role played by DMAIC (define, measure, analyze, improve and control) in achieving the overall success of Six Sigma is critical. To be effective, DMAIC must be used to identify root causes for problems and createsolutions for those problems. A common failure mode for DMAIC occurs when it is used when the root causes are obvious or the problem is trivial. Solving these pseudo problems with DMAIC does not justify the investments of time or effort. Using DMAIC in situations other than problem solving is also considered an inappropriate use. Six Sigma should not be used as a substitute for logical thinking or common sense. Champions and Master Black Belts should provide strategic direction to organizations to ensure appropriate DMAIC use during project selection.

Keywords: Project selection - Root cause analysis (RCA) - Six Sigma - DMAIC - Failure mode analysis (FMA) - Problem solving

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