Three Steps To Project Selection

Six Sigma Forum Magazine vol. 2 issue 1 - November 2002

Abstract: Project selection is one of the greatest obstacles to Six Sigma deployment. Three steps can be taken to facilitate project selection and to assure a continuous flow of value added projects. These steps are: Identification of a project selection steering committee, establishment of a project selection matrix, and the scheduling of fixed customer and project evaluation meetings. The steering committee should include members of the organization's executive board to show top-down management support for the initiative. The selection matrix is comprised of data based on the voice of the customer and is driven by the steering committee. It focuses on internal and external customer issues relative to all departments within the business. Finally, to insure a continuous supply of value added projects, the committee should hold regular meetings to address project status, new customer issues, and project prioritization.

Keywords: Customer satisfaction (CS) - External customer - Internal customer - Project management - Upper management - Six Sigma - Value-added - Voice of the customer (VOC)

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Thoughtful and illustrative. Actual step by step guidelines that can be followed. Thank you for this.
--Chris Morgan, 04-21-2015

--Iyengar, 01-23-2014


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