Kuka’s Robot Adds Sterility to Factory Floor

Kuka’s KR 15 SL stainless steel robot is suitable for applications with stringent requirements for hygiene and the absence of particles. The robot can be used in industries requiring adherence to sterility standards including food, pharmaceutical, medical and beverage industries.

The KR 15 SL is a six-axis robot with a 1,503 mm reach capable of handling up to a 15 kg payload. The robot’s conveyor tracking software tracks the position of the product. The robot then picks the product off a moving conveyor and places it into a wrapper or carton.

Call: 866-873-5852; visit: www.kukarobotics.com.

Turck’s Sensors Suitable For Automation Applications

Turck has released a line of temperature sensors. The TS400 and TS500 resistance temperature detectors are suitable for factory and process automation applications. The sensors may be mounted directly or remotely and sense a temperature range of -50 to 932° F.

The TS400 and TS500 offer several process connections including compression fittings, thermowells and triclamp fittings. The sensors are available with two switch points, an analog current output and an analog voltage output. The sensors display Celsius, Fahrenheit, Kelvin and ohms on a LED screen that can be inverted electronically.

Call: 800-544-7769; e-mail: turckusa@turck.com.

YESTech’s B3 Effective in Pre and Post Reflow Inspection

YESTech has introduced the B3 benchtop automated optical inspection system for populated printed circuit boards. The system inspects solder joints and verifies correct parts assembly.

The B3 uses a standard package library to ensure program portability across manufacturing lines. The image processing technology integrates color, normalized correlation and rule based algorithms to provide protection coverage with low false failure rates. The B3 is effective for pre and post reflow inspection. It also features real-time statistical process control monitoring.

Call: 949-361-2714; visit: www.yestechinc.com.

Power Source BuiltFor Industrial Use

ASG’s PS-55 power source is designed for use with ASG’s low voltage DC drivers, including the CL and SS series, the A-Series and the BL-series. It includes a switchable, two-speed output that is rated for and delivers a full 30 volts direct current. The PS-55 is suitable for industrial use.

The power source is for use with a single driver. Input voltage is either 110 or 220 volts alternating current selected through an external switch. The PS-55 has a standard clutch signal output, allowing its use with counters or programmable logic controllers to monitor a driver.

Call: 952-884-9648 x202; e-mail: sales@laserdesign.com.

Software Offers Visual Reports on Quality

Compuware’s quality assurance (QA) software, Compuware Quality Manage-ment, is built to help QA organizations take the next step in implementing a repeatable quality process by tracking ongoing projects. Managers can use the software to ensure their teams are consistently executing the quality process.

Compuware Quality Management allows users to establish quality phases with entrance and exit criteria for each phase. Data is delivered through a web based portal, and visual reports show cross project views of current quality status for all projects with ongoing testing activities.

Call: 313-227-1402; visit: www.compuware.com.

Minitab 15 Available In Many Languages

Minitab offers version 15 of its statistical software for use in Six Sigma, data driven quality improvement projects and statistics education. Minitab 15 features the ability to assign formulas to columns in worksheets, expanded gage repeatability and reproducibility, probability distribution plots, reliability methods for forecasting future warranty claims and more than 40 calculator functions.

Minitab 15 is available in English, French, German and simplified Chinese, while Minitab 14 is available in Korean and Japanese. A free 30-day trial version of Minitab 15 is available.

Call: 800-448-3555; visit: www.minitab.com.

Cortec’s S-14 Bio Additive Is Nontoxic, Biodegradable

Cortec’s S-14 Bio additive prevents scale and corrosion in cooling towers or closed and open loop recirculating cooling systems. S-14 Bio is based on low molecular weight, natural polymer components, and is generally recognized as safe substances and food approved preservatives. The additive is nontoxic and biodegradable.

S-14 Bio protects carbon and galvanized steel, aluminum, copper and other nonferrous metals while providing antiscaling control. S-14 Bio is compatible with most common water treatment programs. It is available in 5-gallon containers, 55-gallon metal drums and 275-gallon liquid totes.

Call: 800-426-7832; e-mail: gkambitova@cortecvci.com.

Spring Loaded Sensors Measure in Hostile Environments

Macro Sensors has introduced a line of 24V spring loaded sensors that offer position measurement with maximum linearity error of ±0.10% of full scale output. The GHSE/GHSER 750 Series sensors are available in ranges of 2.5 to 100 mm. Units can be installed in hostile environments while their wiring is connected to power supplies, and indicators and controllers are located in remote areas.

The 750 Series are constructed of stainless steel and are hermetically sealed. They provide service in industries such as industrial gaging systems, electronic dial indicators, fabricated metal products gaging and materials testing apparatus.

Call: 856-662-8000; e-mail: sales@macrosensors.com.

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