Building Task Cohesion to Bring Teams Together

Abstract:Traditional, homogeneous teams made up of members of the same gender, race, and age tend to be more cohesive and more successful and effective in problem solving, but such sameness can produce bland and predictable solutions. On the other hand, a team composed of diverse members brings broader approaches and richer perspectives on possible solutions, but may produce factionalism. The solution to building a cross functional quality team is task cohesion, which develops cohesion as a result of the task at hand, not social interaction among members. Team training should focus on developing the right skill mix. Cross training is also effective as it expands the skill sets of each team member and can improve the cooperation among team members. Task cohesion can play an important role in virtual and international teams that lack face-to-face interaction, bringing together team members with different cultural …

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--Chade W. Charles, 02-11-2008

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