Minimize Your Waste Line

Abstract:Many companies see the enthusiasm surrounding new quality initiatives wane once the immediate benefits decrease and realities of day-to-day operational procedures override long term goals. While no plan can provide instant, lasting improvement, the guidelines outlined here demonstrate how quality tools can be used to maximize quality initiative …

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"Despite the ads, there is no pill that will allow you to eat all the ice cream you want and still lose 20 pounds. Likewise, there is no consultant or process companies can buy to effect instant, lasting improvement."

This quote really hits home for me. I feel like I'm always searching for the 'perfect' answer that will solve all of our issues at once. After reading this, it reinforced my assumption there isn't one answer, but many, and they must be customized accordingly to line up with what we're trying to accomplish. Thanks!
--Amber Weaver, 10-18-2010

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