100 Years of Juran

Abstract:An interview with Joseph M. Juran reveals an inspirational story of his struggle to overcome the challenges of emigration, childhood poverty, and the Great Depression to become one of quality's leading gurus. Armed with a new degree in electrical engineering from the University of Minnesota, Juran accepted a position with Western Electric, embarking on a quality career that would last more than 70 years and which in many ways mirrored world events of the 20th century. After World War II he used his management skills and experience to help companies and students deal with massive changes in U.S. industry and the economy. His eventual career change from industry and government to teaching and consulting led him to focus on managing for quality, a concept that grew to include the human dimension. By drawing upon the work of earlier researchers in the field of resistance to change, Juran drew parallels to clashes between management and employees. A lesson gleaned from his long c!areer is the …

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Excellent article.
But I would like that the documents in web site don't loss the quality in the photographs.
The photograph of the meeting of the gurus is historical.
--RICARDO BRAVO, 04-18-2008

One the proudest moments of my life was being published in the same issue of Quality Progress along side an article by Dr. Juran, both of us writing on the issue of Quality Circles - back in the day.
--Tim Bagwell, Ph.D., 03-25-2008

This article helped me get to know Dr. Juran. It was truly an amazing article and he will surely be missed. His books have been a great help in my studies for the ASQ designations.
--Helen Spencer, 03-12-2008

This biography of JM Juran rekindles inside the fire of continuous improvement. In a world where new quality movements come and go, it reminds us once again to build upon the solid foundation of the core teachings of quality.

-- Jackson Fisk, 03-12-2008

This was a great history and tribute to a great quality visionary. I hope he made it to heaven.
--Steve Sleight, 03-07-2008

It's a good blue print to young people and the middle age as well. It's not too late to emulate his achievements and contributions to mankind.
--Pablo J. Acelajado, 03-05-2008

--Eva Stepat, 03-05-2008

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