The Proven Way

Abstract:Proven systems engineering practices can help an organization move toward a standards compliant quality management system (QMS). The systems engineering approach starts with a top-down definition and leads to bottom-up design, build, and verify sequence for the system, subsystems, and components. The first step in QMS development, the system specification, can be adapted from ANSI/ISO/ASQ Q9001:2000 Quality Management Standards-Requirements. The systems engineering schematic of all subsystems and interfaces graphically represents the system configuration. Subsystem specifications can also be adapted from the ANSI/ISO/ASQ document, with checklists for individual processes. Design teams responsible for subsystem processes should be trained in ISO 9001, understand the applicable processes and constantly work toward greater efficiency, and finally document and implement the acceptable process. The systems engineer's approach to assembling and testing the system translates to implementing the …

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