ASQ - Customer-Supplier Division

Customer-Focused Satisfaction Measurement

Facilitated by
Jeff T. Israel

Customer-Focused Satisfaction Measurement is a two-day seminar designed for anyone who leads or manages customer-focus and satisfaction measurement initiatives (basic to intermediate level). This seminar emphasizes improving the organization service culture; the customer experience; and measuring and improving customer satisfaction. It is relevant for all customer satisfaction stakeholders (quality, marketing, or customer service). One goal of the seminar is to help participants tailor their approach to meet current objectives and commitment. A secondary goal is to help participants to foster changes that are more transformative in nature. Upon completion, participants will understand the critical success factors (and how to influence them) to build a great service culture. The seminar will help all organizations truly committed to customer satisfaction and doing a better job in meeting customer needs.

Some of the Topics Covered:

  • Customer-focus foundations and mindsets
  • Crucial conversations to foster transformative change
  • Matching CSM approach with culture and purpose
  • Customer identification
  • Customer journey mapping
  • Identifying customer requirements
  • CSM survey design and management
  • Advanced transformation topics

About Jeff T. Israel:

Jeff is the Principal consultant with SatisFaction Strategies LLC. Jeff has been active with ASQ’s Customer-Supplier Division since 1992. He authored several chapters of the Certified Quality Management Handbook. In addition, Jeff is a frequent speaker and has presented many workshops on customer focus and satisfaction measurement, both nationally and abroad.

Revised: February 28, 2013

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