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We strive to make our public classroom courses available in many different parts of the US, in fact, our “Roadshows” were designed to bring affordable quality training to an area near you to make it easier for you to participate. In Fall 2015, we are offering four of our most popular course in five different market areas. If you are interested in bringing a CSD course to your section or as a company on-site training, please contact Maria Stoletova, CSD Education Chair.

Register Now for our Fall Courses:

For your convenience you can choose to register online or contact ASQ Customer Care at 800-248-1946 or


Course Descriptions

Fall Road Shows – Coming Soon to Your Neighborhood
We have an exciting line up planned for our fall CSD Road Shows! Save the date, and join us in one of these locations:

Wave 1: Fall Colors Tour
Introduction to Supplier Management
September 26, 2016--Boston, MA
September 28, 2016--RI

Supplier Auditing
September 27, 2016--Boston, MA
September 29,2016--RI

Improving Customer Satisfaction
September 28 & 29, 2016--Boston, MA

Wave 2: In the Heart of Texas
Supplier Auditing
October 11, 2016--Dallas, TX
October 12, 2016--Austin, TX
October 13, 2016--Houston, TX

Handling Supplier Non-conformances
October 12, 2016--Dallas, TX
October 13, 2016--Austin, TX
October 14, 2016--Houston, TX

Intro to Supplier Management (Dick Gould, Shawn Armstrong)
Supplier Auditing (Dick Gould, Pam Carvell, Shawn Armstrong)
Improving Customer Satisfaction (Jeff Israel)
Supplier Nonconformances (Kathryn Roberts)
Business Continuity (Betty Kildow)

 Contacts & Questions
For questions about content, please contact our instructors:

Dick Gould — 623-546-7821 or
Pam Carvell — 484-865-1251 or
Shawn Armstrong - (425) 765-6701 or
Kathryn Roberts — 919-870-7712 or
Jeff Israel — 503-330-0221 or
Betty Kildow — 765-483-9365 or




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