Practical Measurement Uncertainty - Testing

  1. Day 1 Agenda
    1. Hand out Course Material
    2. Welcome, Introductions, Goal Setting
    3. Definitions, Key Documents, Acronyms
    4. Comments on Marketplace Uncertainty Software
    5. Expressing Measurements and Uncertainties
    6. Standard Notation/Scientific Notation/SI Units Plus Usage and Prefixes
    7. Significant Digits/Rounding Numbers/Exercises
    8. How NIST and the GUM Want Terms to be Used
    9. NIST 811 Guidance/Standard Deviations/Mean, Median, and Mode/Exercises
    10. Regression Analysis/Type A and Type B Factors
    11. What ISO/IEC 17025 Assessors Verify for Uncertainty Budgets
    12. Accreditation Scopes
    13. BMC/CMCs vs. MUs vs. Z-540 Uncertainties
    14. Categories of Calibration and Testing
    15. Uncertainty Budget Basics
  2. Day 2 Agenda
    1. Testing Uncertainty Guidance Documents/Categories
    2. Testing Laboratory Categories
    3. Review of CITAC Guide for Testing Uncertainties
    4. Chemical Testing MU Example and Exercises
    5. Mechanical Testing MU Example and Exercises
    6. More Analytical Testing MU Examples
  3. Day 3 Agenda
    1. Potential Uncertainty Factors in a Variety of Testing Scenarios
    2. Uncertainty Budget Math Examples and Exercises
    3. Exercise to Create an Uncertainty SOP
    4. Attendee Uncertainty Questions and Examples Reviewed
    5. Final Wrap-Up

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