PM Tutorial  (1:00 pm – 5:00 pm)

Data Quality Issues in Enterprise Data Warehousing

by Rick Biehl
Intermediate level

Summary: A partnership between software quality professionals and data warehousing specialists can provide synergy that helps identify, manage, and resolve data quality problems that arise when an enterprise attempts to consolidate large amounts of data into a consolidated data warehouse. This tutorial teaches how to adapt conventional software quality disciplines to the challenges of data warehouse quality management.  Much more than just testing, an effective data quality program must become an integral part of the operational environment for a data warehouse.  Anything less, and the quality of a successful data warehouse implementation quickly degrades as dirty data get loaded over time.  Preventing such degradation requires a strong quality philosophy to be built into the warehouse design.  This tutorial offers examples of such integration at a large academic medical center.

Abstract: This tutorial deals with proactive quality management of data across an enterprise as it is brought together into an enterprise-level data warehouse. As more large organizations get into data warehousing, they are encountering quality issues in their data that dwarf the kinds of problems typically seen at the level of individual applications or projects.  As data from stand-alone or isolated applications is brought together under the data warehousing umbrella, it is critical that the data coming from those systems be defect free.  More importantly, incompatibilities and mismatches of data across multiple applications must be reconciled and negotiated in order to provide standard meanings to data warehouse users.  Accomplishing these objectives requires more than data warehousing expertise.  Software quality practitioners can assist by adapting sound quality management practices to the challenges of data warehouse design.  This requires effective risk management, test planning, and quality metrics in order to be successful.  The partnership between software quality professionals and data warehousing specialists described in this tutorial can help to maximize the value offered by emerging data warehouse initiatives.  Additionally, data warehouse specialists can improve their own skill sets by adopting these successful software quality methods.  The synergy of the two disciplines benefits our organizations and our users.

Rick Biehl
Presenter Bio:
Rick Biehl is a senior quality consultant with thirty years of experience specializing in quality assurance, logical and physical data architectures, and strategic planning for the business application of information technology. He holds a Ph.D. in management from Walden University, as well as CSSBB and CSQE certifications from ASQ.