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Why Attend

The need for more scientists and engineers in the workplace has never been greater for increasing innovation and economic growth. This need is driving the intense interest in the Advancing the STEM Agenda.

If you are involved with STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) initiatives to increase interest and prepare high school students for college STEM majors, to recruit and retain students as STEM majors, or mentor them into their STEM careers as scientists, STEM technicians and engineers, plan to attend this conference.

You will have time to network and participate in the discussion of ideas for improving engineering and STEM education. You will have the opportunity to take back to your schools, colleges and universities, communities and corporations the latest ideas on improving STEM initiatives and implementing successful collaboration among stakeholders. Our conference is unique: its objective is to network and blend ideas on quality and continuous improvement with the latest research and best practices related to STEM initiatives.

The Grand Valley State University will host the conference on its Grand Rapids campus, overlooking the Grand River. The conference facilities and GVSU campus provide an inviting environment to network and learn about “Grand Bridges in STEM.” In 2012, the GVSU School of Engineering was recognized as an NAE Exemplar of “Real World Engineering Education” for its scaffolded co-op to Interdisciplinary industry-based capstone project program. Thus, Grand Valley State University provides an ideal setting for the conference theme of “Collaboration with Industry on STEM Education.”

The ASQ Education Division and The Seymour and Esther Padnos College of Engineering and Computing at Grand Valley State University invite you to join us at this conference to participate in our keynote speakers, workshops and peer-reviewed conference papers sessions on:

  • STEM education-industry collaboration on co-ops and internships
  • K-16 programs that inspire students about STEM careers and increase participation in STEM by women and minorities
  • Preparing students in high school for STEM majors in college
  • Strategies that improve student learning in STEM courses such as active learning
  • The role of the community colleges in STEM initiatives
  • Significant research and best practices for student success
  • STEM learning communities and models for a learning culture

Fact: 88% of the 2012 Advancing the STEM Agenda Conference attendees say they gained valuable knowledge and tools that they will be able to utilize.

Who Should Attend

If you are interested in moving the STEM Agenda forward, this innovative conference is for you. This includes faculty, researchers, administrators, scientists and engineers and managers or executives in:

  • High Schools
  • Community and Technical Colleges
  • Four-Year Colleges and Universities
  • Research Universities
  • Government
  • Manufacturing and Advancing Manufacturing
  • Industry

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STEM Conference Committee Co-Chairs:
Dr. Cindy P. Veenstra and Dr. Charlie Standridge

Questions? Contact Cindy Veenstra at Conference@asqedu.org

For More Information on Grand Valley State University and the ASQ Education Division, accessibility and contacts, please see the General Information.

Breakout Sessions General Information Conference Program
Advancing the STEM Agenda
June 3-4, 2013  |  Grand Valley State University, Grand Rapids MI