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Advancing the STEM agenda in Education, the WOrkplace, and Society


Advancing the STEM Agenda in Education, the Workplace and Society


If you are involved with STEM education student success and transition to the workforce, you will want to attend this conference.  

National policy makes STEM education a priority because the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics are the basis of the evolving knowledge society.  The workplace is looking for qualified graduates and professionals in these fields in order to advance the technological advances that have made the United States the leader in so many areas.  Government sees participation and graduation in STEM education courses as a means of fostering greater individual opportunities for gainful employment and advancement to go along the re-invigoration of the economy.  Finally, STEM education at the K-12 and higher education levels is considering issues of curriculum content and linkage, instructional techniques, teacher preparation, transitions, and participation (how to improve student interest and engagement in these STEM fields, and especially among underrepresented groups). 

This conference invites teachers, education administrators, faculty members from education and the STEM fields, government officials and others to share their work, research , or ideas. The conference objective is to network and advance ideas in support of STEM education initiatives in schools, colleges and universities, and the workplace. 

The conference will take place on the campus of the University of Wisconsin-Stout, Wisconsin’s polytechnic university.  The College of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics is home to undergraduate and graduateSTEM education programs in applied science, applied math and computer science, computer game design and development, information technology management, computer engineering, plastics engineering, manufacturing engineering and engineering technology and sustainable management. UW-Stout, as a recipient of the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award, is an ideal setting for blending the ideas of quality systems thinking with advancing the STEM agenda.  The conference will be held in the UW-Stout’s Jarvis Hall, a state of the art science facility.

Join us July 19–20, 2011, at the University of Wisconsin–Stout campus to network on ideas on improving STEM education student success at your school or campus and collaboration with industry STEM partners. Our presenters include colleagues from school systems, community and technical colleges, engineering colleges,universities and industry.

The conference will be held in Jarvis Hall on the University of Wisconsin-Stout campus. See Travel Information for van shuttle service from the hotels to campus. See the Program page for links to the poster and break-out sessions.

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STEM Conference Committee Co-Chairs:
Dr. Julie Furst-Bowe,  Dr. Fernando Padro and Dr. Cindy P. Veenstra

Questions? Contact Cindy Veenstra at Conference@asqedu.org

Please feel free to print our conference poster (8 1/2 x 11) and display.