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This year's conference is trying a new way to solicit input besides the traditional formally written and reviewed papers, which become specific sessions.  We are asking attendees to submit “position papers” of 250-500 words on any topic related to software quality.  These papers will not be formally reviewed, though they will be read over for editorial corrections, content "appropriateness" (i.e., to avoid vendor "pitches", ad hominems, etc.), and to ensure they are relevant to software quality engineering in some way.

To encourage you to write such a paper, we are offering a $100 discount off the 2- or 3-day Conference registration fee to anyone who writes such a paper and we receive it no later than October 7. (Submitting such a paper much earlier is preferred only to make sure the paper is minimally reviewed in time, as described above, allowing you to register for the Conference on line and get the discount as this discount will not apply to walk-in registrations.)

To submit such a paper, please send a copy (in MSWord or PDF format) to sduncan@computer.org, then register for the Conference taking the discount for the paper. We will co-ordinate with ASQ's registration process to confirm that we have received your paper.

Ideally, we'd like the papers to present an issue that could generate discussion such that, if a number of papers address similar topics, we could arrange ad hoc "sessions" to explore those topics. Paper topics could be, for example, anything from the CSQE Body of Knowledge topic areas, but certainly could be topics not covered by the current CSQE BoK such as

These, of course, are just ideas, so feel free to address your own specific quality issues. But we very much encourage you to consider taking advantage of this discount by submitting such a position paper.

(And don't forget to take advantage of the other discounts for early registration and multiple attendees from the same organization.)

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