Focus Areas

Social Responsibility (An Overview)
Understand what social responsibility is and how it relates to you. This focus area will show you how to put SR into action using case studies to demonstrate its benefits including the ROI and how it can change the culture in your organization and your community.

ISO 26000
Sessions will take an in depth look at the new internationally recognized ISO 26000 standard demonstrating how it provides guidance for action within your organization. Presenters will discuss key issues outlined including: human rights labour practices, fair operating practices, consumer issues, organizational governance, the environment, and community and development.

Social Responsibility and the Link to Quality

Social responsibility is an ideology that is given a framework through the ISO 26000. Whereas, the standard provides the framework, Quality provides the methodology to take actions. In this area of focus we are looking for presentations that demonstrate the role that quality can play in the pursuit of Social Responsibility.

SR Final Program (PDF, 441 KB)